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Why choose life coaching?

Consulting a life coach is a positive decision to engage constructively with a trained professional who will help you to maximise your full potential.

It takes focus and commitment to effect positive change so you must be willing to work hard, to take action and be accountable.  I will push you to reach the very best of yourself, but YOU and only you will be in the drivers seat.  You will be held to a high standard to ensure that you accomplish all that you wish to manifest in your life.  If this prospect excites you to want to make changes in your life or to ramp your life to the next level then please make contact.

I offer a 30 minute no charge no obligation call to chat and for you to explore to see if this coaching model is the right fit for you.

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We’re here to help you with

  • Strategise goals and help define your vision for success

  • Create personal plans to implement your vision

  • Identify limiting beliefs and work with you to eliminate these

  • Upscale communication techniques both professionally and personally

  • Plan with you to navigate any major life changes

  • Address self esteem & confidence issues

  • Confidence coaching for public speaking

What we offer


Duration: 2 hour session

This model is a personalised coaching session dealing with a specific issue that you wish to focus on. This is done using the special technique of evolved coaching.


Duration: 10 – 12 hours usually divided into 4 sessions

This is a personal growth module dealing with:

  • Learning about yourself and where you currently find yourself
  • Addressing any past issues
  • Structuring a positive now for yourself
  • Creating the future you wish for yourself


More details of Mindfulness courses to be offered soon…


Duration: One hour sessions on a regular basis convenient to your schedule

One of the most common phrases we hear these days is “I am SO stressed!”  

Remember that stress is not what happens to us but rather what our response is to what is happening to us. 

So clearly if it is OUR response then it means that we are in control of the response and have the ability to change that response. Stress management combined with hypnotherapy if you choose will teach you have to reframe your typical responses to stressful situations, identify the triggers and entrench a new way of dealing the stresses of life that it is easy to feel is thrust upon us.  

Meet your lifecoach

I’m passionate about all that I do and the way in which I live my life.

I am a professionally trained coach through the Evolved Coaching Institute (South Africa) and am certified as follows:

  • Evolved Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Evolved NLP Practitioner
  • Evolved NLP Coach
  • Time Paradigm Techniques™ Practitioner
  • Evolved Hypnotherapist

Various life events impacted on me significantly on a deep emotional level which led me to understand that my life’s purpose is about service to others.  This was originally how I found myself using my Public relations knowledge to serve in the not for profit sector in South Africa.  This eventually led me to train and qualify as a Life Coach where I eventually set up my own practice in Johannesburg.

I now run my practice from Harbury, in Warwickshire, UK.

Find out more about Evolved Coaching Techniques

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