What is your greatest super power? I believe it is being “you”

//What is your greatest super power? I believe it is being “you”

What is your greatest super power? I believe it is being “you”

One of my greatest challenges that has both excited and terrified me has been emigrating from my country of birth South Africa to England.  Settling a son into a new school, different education system, an unfamiliar environment presented a fair set of challenges. I have been blessed with a bright, resilient child and he has settled and thrived!  

In taking care of everyone around me even as a life coach I started to forget about myself and my personal dreams.  It was a while before I was eligible to work once again and this prolonged enforced “time out” settling into a new country wasn’t always the happiest of times.  

I felt as if I spent my life answering the question, “where are you from – Australia? New Zealand?” No I would say, “South Africa”, rejoicing at the odd person who guessed the country correctly. This feeling of being consistently recognised as “not being from here” enhanced the feeling of not fitting in!

Slowly but surely I have begun to unearth the original me, and remember that being ME is enough, it’s good enough for me, for those I love and for those I feel committed to helping to be their best self.  I remembered that being oneself is like a super power! I don’t know how to be anybody else but I definitely know how to be the best version of ME!

So I am delighted to have started my life coaching company again. I hope that you take time to read through the website and drop me a line if something catches your eye and you find yourself fancying an upgrade to a fabulous life!

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