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Being in the Present moment

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing one’s attention to that which you are experiencing in the present moment, being fully aware and present for each and every moment and resisting the urge to function as we all too often do on auto pilot mode.

Each and every one of us has taken a bite of food to suddenly realize that we have taken our last bite and yet have not been aware enough to enjoy the experience of having eaten.  Likewise the habit one develops of driving on auto pilot – reaching your destination to realize that you recall almost nothing of the journey!

The past has gone, you cannot change anything that lies there and the future is not here so the only true place of value in life is in the NOW.  Strive to continually refocus to the present moment – to that which really matters.  Gratitude is an essential part of being present.

We are easily distracted either with looking back at analyzing the why’s and wherefore’s of a situation and how we could have done things differently or looking forward and worrying about something that lies ahead of us.  This leads to us “missing” the present moment which is all we ever really have.

The mindfulness practice aims to teach us to become aware of our thoughts in a non judgemental way and encourages attention to what is happening in the present moment. Just “being” present with your thoughts will not change the situation or outcome but it allows an opportunity to create a thought space without criticism for a feared and manufactured outcome. By quieting the non stop brain chatter one is able to create a gap between the thought or experience and therefore our response to it. Being present and focused on the moment allows you to bring clarity to your actions bringing with it acceptance and a creative solution that is both intelligent and inspired.

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